TRICKY – Second Album ‘PRE-MILLENIUM TENSION’ Released 25 Years Ago

Back in time

11 November 2021

Artist: TRICKY (UK)
Born: Adrian Nicholas Matthews Thaws, 53 years ago

Who: Former Massive Attack member with
a wayward and intriguing vision on trip-hop
Active: Since 1985 / 14 solo LPs so far

Released: 11 November 1996 – 25 years ago today

AllMusic said: “Maxinquaye was an unexpected hit in England, launching a wave
of similar-sounding artists, who incorporated Tricky’s innovations into safer pop
territory. Tricky responded by traveling to Jamaica to record Pre-Millennium Tension,
a nervy, claustrophobic record that thrives in its own paranoia. Pre-Millennium Tension
is as much Tricky reaching back to his hardcore rap roots as it is a sonic exploration. As
such, it stands as a transition record for Tricky, but its overall effect is only slightly less
powerful than Maxinquaye or Nearly God.”
Score: 4/5.

Turn Up the Volume: Tricky only walks one musical way,
his own, leading to tantalizing trip-hop tension.

Singles: Bad Dreams / Christiansands



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