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Gallus (Glasgow, Scotland)
Opus Kink
(Brighton, UK)
Down The Lees
(Bristol, UK)
(Birmingham, UK)
Little Dragon (Sweden)
Ashley McBride
(Nashville, TN)
(Toronto, CA)
Baxter Dury
(London, UK)


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Canadian Misfits PRETTY Make You Feel Happy With Sickly Sticky Earworm ‘WAIT FOR THE SUN’

Daily electricity to load your batteries

8 April 2023

Band: PRETTY (Canada)
Who: A group that appear onstage with lots of noise and then leave. A half-silly, half-serious sentence summarizes the band’s ethic and sound, from their early inspiration by Toronto’s 2010s-era DIY punk scene, to their current fascination with psychedelic sound and culture, elements that fuse into a highly distinctive, dark and frenzied sonic landscape.

New single: WAIT FOR THE SUN
From their EP Citrus Magic.

Torin Craig (vocals): “It was winter during a lockdown, and I was living in a pretty bleak apartment, quite literally waiting for the sun to come back in the spring. The song is about yearning for the end of depression and despair, and trying to hold the memories of better feelings to remind yourself that no matter how bad something is, it will end, or at least change.

TUTV: This is a sweet sickly sticky melody embedded in a euphoric
pop vibe your ears will embrace on the spot. Even if it rains you will
feel sunny-happy with this sonic stimulant.

Uplifting tunes like this earworm are welcome in these restless times.
Hum along, sing along, whistle along, clap along, whatever, have fun.
Wait For The Sun is pretty infectious.

Here we go.

PRETTY: Linktree

Buy the single on Bandcamp.

Cover photo by Elijah Shark
Graphic design by Torin Craig