PROMISE GAME – When Troubles On The Road To ‘CONNECTICUT’ Leads To A Boisterous Belter

Works faster and harder than caffeine

Who: 5-piece from New Hampshire, New England, US. It began as a weekly jam session of pop covers in 2020, and eventually turned into a lively pop/punk quintet.

1 December 2022

Image Credit: Jess Lange


The 13th track recorded since their formation, depicting the band’s first-hand experience while on tour in last May. One of the gigs was in Connecticut. The band got stuck in a traffic jam, was confronted with the fact that the place to spend the night wasn’t actually booked. Only option was an expensive hotel room that wasn’t really going to work out.

At that point, the day was a total disaster. But when arriving at the venue they wre greeted with nothing but huge hugs and smiles from people who were ready to help flip the script and start the good vibes That night turned out to be one of the best shows Promise Game played so far.

TUTV: It feels/sounds like the band put all their frustration of a horrible day on the road
to a gig in Connecticut in this boisterous belter generating a titanic wall-of-frenzied-guitar-and-pounding-drum avalanche.

This could easily be a previously unreleased track from one of the solo albums
of Bob Mould, the former guitarist/voice of post-punk legends Hüsker Dü.

And if you’re familiar with his work you know that he mixes melody, electricity, and intensity into a sizzling sonority, extra spiced with his urgent vocals. Promise gang
do the same in their own overwhelming way. I sure hope Promise Game will some
more troubles on the road.

Let’s roll

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