Aussie Gang PSYCHEDELIC PORN CRUMPETS Drop Superman Slam Dunk

New striking strokes

24 March 2022

(PPC press)

Who: Pysch-rock squad from Perth, Australia
Active since 2014

The band’s fifth longplayer
Out: 22 April 2022
Order info: here

New single: BOB HOLIDAY
Fourth shared cut from the upcoming LP

Jack McEwan (frontman) “The title of the track has nothing to do with the actor Bob Holiday who played Superman, I just thought it was a strong name, and it clearly is. The album was getting pretty dark and I wanted to write a track that would perk everyone back up, also I really wanted to write something that sounded classic, like it had been built in the 70’s and left to rust for 50 years until the old Crumpet mob got their filthy paws on it, drenched the relic in poor recording techniques and awful song artistry while polishing the absolute Aladdin out of it hoping Hendrix was inside.

Bob Holiday is a superslam dunk. Imagine King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard
in furious glam & glitter rock overdrive. Open the gates here..

All 4 singles (shared so far) together on Spotify…

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