60s Psych Pop Inspired Duo VANITY MIRROR Are On A Magical Mystery Tour

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15 April 2023

Photo Credit: Mat Dunlap

Who: A duo consisting of Toronto-based Brent Randall and Los Angeles-dwelling
Johnny Toomey who used to play with L.A.’s baroque-pop group The Electric Looking

TUTV: This colorful musical duo flew with their time capsule to the psychedelic
mid-sixties to record their debut album PUFF at the legendary Abbey Road Studio
in London. They’ll share the result with us on 13 May.

Pre-order info here.

The two singles shared so far will sound very familiar to your ears. TUESDAY’S NEWS
and DANDELION WISH could be two never released bonus tracks of The Fab Four‘s 1967 album Magical Mystery Tour. Need to say more? I guess not. I can’t wait for the album
to find out if Vanity Mirror will score one of the best 60s longplayers of the 21st Century.

But first the singles.



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