PUNK AID! Anarcho/Punk Bands Unite With Anthem To End Beagles Testing In A British ‘Puppy Farm’

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2 January 2023

A group of international anarcho/DIY punk bands recorded/shared a digital
single, named SOLIDARITY WITH BEAGLES to draw attention to a puppy farm in Huntingdon, Cambridgeshire UK that supplies beagles to laboratories for horrible
experiments and has been the subject of an ongoing campaign by activists to
shut it down.

More info here.

The charity single features Napalm Death, Vice Squad, Doom, Oi Polloi,
Hard Skin, Shöck, Disaffect, Active Slaughter, Armoured Flu Unit, Rites of
Hadda, Anarchistwood, Sedition, Lab Rats, Nō!, Bratakus and Brain Anguish

The song is based on the classic Angelic Upstarts anthem
Solidarity with the words re-worked to focus on this cause.

“There is a place that is hidden and out of sight
Where beagles suffer and no one sees their plight
They’re bred with each other
To be used as industry fodder
In cruel and pointless tests that are a moral blight

Give them hope, give them strength, give them life
Like a candle burning in the dead of night
We are with them in our hearts and in our minds.
And we’re here for the beagles through their darkest times”

BUY the track here
and save beagles’ lives.