FAT WHITE FAMILY – On Their Way To Destruction…


FAT WHITE FAMILY – Les Inrocks Festival, Tourcoing (France) – 12 Nov 2015


British anarchists FAT WHITE FAMILY were top of the bill of a mini indoor festival in Northern France (with also Bo Ningen, The Districts and Wolf Alice). They played the shortest concert I ever witnessed. The chaotic punks left the stage after five songs, guitarist Saul Adamczewski was already gone after four when he introduced ‘Is It Raining In Your Mouth?’ as their last one of the evening. The remaining members
played one more without him (‘Bomb Disneyland’) and then hurried backstage too. Confusion, consternation and dissatisfaction among the spectators.


I was at the front of the stage just opposite Adamczewski. A most frightening sight. He wavered all the time and lost obviously a dangerously amount of pounds since I saw them performing in Brussels earlier this year. He’s as skinny as a razor blade. But the most alarming thing was his eyes. He has the eyes of a junkie with those stagnant pupils. Dead eyes. Horrific.


Frontman/singer Lias Saudi was also in high spirits. He barely could open his eyes and threatened to fall off the stage every time he came forward to get drinks from the audience. He acted like a madman on tons of speed. Terrifying.


Strangely enough the other members looked all very clean and aware of dreadful events too happen as they were looking at each other worriedly. Apparently Adamczewski and Saudi had a drugs party of their own in the tour bus. Also very surprising is the fact that when you closed your eyes you heard a smashing wall-of-sound havoc and Saudi’s piercing screams. Brilliant, stunning and very weird at the same time due to the real circumstances. The band is infamous for their drug habits and uncontrollable behaviour from day one (2011). Everybody (management, press and the band itself of course) knows this. The disturbed gang just finished recording their second album and said they were happy that everybody was still alive ! With what I saw tonight I think the group’s entourage should take this situation very seriously otherwise destruction and probably deaths will follow soon. No doubt about that. Alarm !

Healthier times at Glastonbury 2014…

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(Concert pics by Turn Up The Volume!)

THE SEX PISTOLS ! ‘Bollocks’ No 1 in UK – Nov 12, 1977…


The one and only proper album that The Sex Pistols made is, to my ears, the best punk rock album ever. Nobody can/could touch ‘Never Mind The Bollocks…Here’s The Sex Pistols’ a highly explosive and outspoken masterpiece LP. The combination of four wayward ‘who cares’ London youngsters who basically hate each other (expect for buddies Paul Cook and Steve Jones) resulted in a vitriolic rock & roll sledgehammer with barbed wired lyrics and nasty vocals by charismatic anarchist Johnny ‘Lydon’ Rotten. Bass player and Beatles fan Glen Matlock delivered the smashing tunes, Steve Jones played guitar like Johnny Thunders never did because of too much dope and the quite one, Paul Cook, is/was the most underrated machine gun ever. The album is just perfect, a unique, unmatchable monument of British ‘in the face’ dynamite. A fully adrenalin charged late seventies youth testament. No fillers, only awesome killers.

Punk legends forever…

The Sex Pistols’ website

Here are all the furious ‘Bollocks’ – Hell Yeeaaahh ! …


THE JAM ! Debut Single ‘In The City’ – April 29, 1977…



Artist: THE JAM – Paul Weller (vocals, guitar), Bruce Foxton (bass), Rick Buckler (drums)
Track: ‘In The City’ – their smashing debut single / B-side: All my lovin’
Date of release: April 29, 1977
Album: same titled album – released May 20, 1977
Sound: furious guitars – thunderous kicks – awesome bass lines and by now classic sneers from angry young man Paul Weller !…


SLAVES ! Amsterdam – April 24, 2015…


Looking back to some concerts I’ve seen this year…
SLAVES was one of the best – 100% dynamite !
If you never heard of these two loud British punks,
then here’s the noise…


And here are some of my Amsterdam photos


Pleased to meet you…

The other side of Slaves…

No encores I guess…

See you soon in Antwerp (November 9)…

Here’s their smashing debut album ‘Are You Satisfied?’


DEATH FROM ABOVE 1979 ! New Video For Album Track ‘White Is Red’…

White stuff

Death From Above 1979 have shared a new video for ‘White Is Red‘, a track from their 2014 comeback album ‘The Physical World’, their first in 10 years. Directed by Eva Michon the clip shows footage from last year’s ‘Life After Death From Above 1979’ documentary with concert & backstage footage…

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Botanique, Brussels 2014…
(my pic)

WAVVES ! Rousing Opener from Upcoming Album ‘V’

13 August, 2015…

TrackOFday-800 - kopie

‘Heavy Metal Detox’ by WAVVES

Californian noisemakers Wavves just shared ‘Heavy Metal Detox’, the opener of forthcoming, fifth, album ‘V’ – out October 2.
It’s an 18 karat punky steamroller. Frontman Nathan Williams has some vital questions “Have I lived too long? Why does my heart hurt? I can’t decide if I’m getting worse.” No answers yet, just a slashing slice of steely brilliance. Perfect !…

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On tour…

PIXIES – Mighty ‘BOSSANOVA’ Album Is 25…


12 August 2015


Pixies released their third album ‘Bossanova’ on August 13, 1990. Yes, 25 years ago ! Although this excellent work will remain forever in the shadows of their overwhelming debut (Surfer Rosa) and their second LP (‘Doolittle’, their invincible masterpiece) ‘Bossanova’ contains several of their best ‘tunes’ (Velouria / Dig For Fire / Is She Weird / Rock Music / The Happening / Stormy Weather...). Less quiet/Loud/quiet/Loud anthems, less innovative – you can’t invent the wheel over and over again – and maybe less challenging than its predecessors but still an uninterrupted chain of solid killer cuts (all written by Francis Black for the first time), loud and soft. Maybe it’s because I always support the black sheep in the family that I like ‘Bossanova’ that much. Anyway, I’m sure we will all agree that Pixies was/is: One Hell of A Dynamite Rock Band ! One of the best ever ! Hallelujah !

First single ‘Velouria’…

Bossanova in full – let’s dance…


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THE DEADLY VIPERS – Kick Ass Tornado Punkettes from Detroit…



Who/home: all female roaring punk four-piece from Detroit, Michigan – Ava East (guitar), Kate Derringer (bass), Kerrigan Pearce (drums) & Zoe Edwards (vocals)

Track: NO SOVEREIGNTY – new shared track !

In their own words: “psychedelic sludge”…

In my words: merciless punk punch by four havoc spitting & caustic noise making punkettes – loud energy, brutal riffs and biting vocals – tornado stuff with an attitude !

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Hairy wild vipers…