Swiss Garage Knives THE JACKETS Drop Brand New Kamikaze Single ‘LOSERS LULLABY’…

Daily fuel to load your sonic batteries…

21 May 2019


Who: A crazed Swiss trio that since their 2015 debut LP Shadows Of Sound brought
their infectious groove and fuzz-laden riffs to festivals, bars, and halls across Europe
and North America. Legendary shock rocker Alice Cooper called them the real deal

Track: LOSERS LULLABY – the newest single from their upcoming
second full length ‘Queen Of The Pill

This is a firing garage jackhammer that comes at you with the force of a torrid tornado. Fuzzy kamikaze turbulence that will raise your body temperature to dangerous heights. Nasty rawk and bloody roll pushed by a relentlessly smacking beat and fueled by deranged guitar madness while frontwo-man Jack Torera‘s razzmatazz rant roars all over it. Add a delirious chorus and what you finally get is a bad-ass banger. Be ready, here’s the fury. Yeah yeah yeah yeah…

THE JACKETS: Bio –Facebook

QUEEN OF THE PILL – new album out 14th June via Voodoo Rhythm Records