Combative Noise Frustrations – RADIO SILENCE Scores With Debut EP ‘ISOLATION’

25 March 2021

Who: Indie team from Newcastle upon Tyne, UK who
impresses with rambling and energetic psychedelic rock.

EP: ISOLATION – the band’s debut.
About: Exploring themes of modern living, such as alienation
in the face of technology and the pressure imposed by the rapidly
growing debt collection industry.

Score: First things first. The artwork of this EP is drop-dead cool. Now about
the music. These hungry gunslingers combine the angry in-your-face frustration
of early punk (Crank Bugs/Isolation), the I want more curiosity of new-wave (Heads
Will Roll
) and the turbulent dynamism of noise rock (Isolation). No rest for the wicked. Blustery guitars all over the place, manic drum hits, and combative Richard Hell vocals. 2021 is the new Orwellian 1984. And Radio Silence don’t like it all.

Alert your closest neighbours
first before you press play…