One Live Shot A Day Turns Summer Into A Holiday – Today: The Legendary Gold Lamé Rockers SHA NA NA

25 July 2022

When I was busy zig-zagging on YT this morning I came across clips of these utterly cool, utterly funny, utterly wackos with greasy haircuts (well most of them), who gained fame in NYC from 1969 on as SHA NA NA, with cover versions of 50s hit singles. But it was much more than covering songs.

They were great performance artists who billed themselves as ” from the streets of New York”. They were always dressed for the occasion, sometimes with gold lamé glitter outfits or leather jackets (or both), and weirdo greasy haircuts and ducktails hairdos. They were great harmony singers too and toured the world for years.

Check ’em out, ladies and gents, here on TV in 1973 with their version of a 1957 song called Rama Lama Ding Dong , originally recorded by American doo-wop act The Edsels

This is fab-tastic!

SHA NA NA: Bio – Discography