Waking Up With New Maddening Missile ‘SCERETS’ By Metal Freaks ONI Feat. IGGY POP

Works faster than caffeine

1 May 2022

Worshipped metal freaks ONI from Canada launched a new maddening missile called SECRETS from their new, forthcoming album Loathing Light, out on 17 June.

The song is a collaborative effort by frontman
Jake Oni and Lamb Of God leader Randy Blythe

It was Oni who came up with the idea
of a second vocalist. Enter Iggy Pop.

Oni: “Iggy’s vocals are so iconic and instantly recognisable, his style is what we were after.
But we figured, let’s see if we can get the man himself to check it out,” Oni explained in a press release. “He came down, we had some food and just chilled. And then he did his thing all over the song. He asked me for ideas about how to approach it, which was just crazy and cool. It all worked so well and came out sick.”

Press play and open the gates to hell…

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