Waking Up With London’s Punk Indies NOTHINGHEADS And Their ‘RAT’ Jackhammer

Daily noise that works faster than any stimulant

22 May 2023

Who: Formed in 2020, this trio quickly became a mainstay in the London
DIY live music scene, along with the likes of Mcluscksy and Japanese Television.
They make dissonant grooves drawing influence from Post Punk & Psych/Doom.

New single: RAT
Piece from their upcoming EP (out in June) described as “a two minute
aural blast of boredom induced paranoia built around a driving guitar riff.

Turn Up The Volume featured these intense indies several times before.
They are a mean punk machine always in for turning up the heat with
ironbound left/right hooks as it happens here again with their new burst
Rat. Hurly-burly havoc at its mind-blowing best with demented guitars, a
sinewy drummer and a sneering singer. A pure punch to the face that’ll
awake you in less than 2 maniacal minutes.

About the accompanying clip the band say: “The video explores a character
whose reality is conspiracy and paranoia, making frenetic movements at every
turn, connecting dots that do not exist but with no idea of how to piece it together.”



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