Cheerleader TOYAH And Rebel ROBERT Yell

Wow! Toyah jumping forth and back, and up and down like an 18-year-old
cheerleader, while she yells like a rebel at Robert (and us), excites the senses.

Oh yeah, the two YouTube idols score once again.

Coincidence or not but the blond punk God Billy Idol
released his self-titled debut LP 40 years ago (16 July 1982).

Anyway, take a deep breath,
ladies, and gents, and YELL!

It helps to kick off a new week…

C’mon Billy, you can still yell too…

TOYAH: Facebook

No Shitty Clubs For Cool Chick REBEL YELL – Here’s Her New Single ‘ANTI CLUB MUSIC’ Feat. R-T-FAX

Utterly cool Australian dance chick REBEL YELL will unleash her second album
called ‘FALLING FROM GRACE‘ on 10 July. The record “sees Stevenson tackle her own vulnerabilities, reworking them through the persona of Rebel Yell to create fresh, hypnotic
and unapologetic techno that you ignore at your peril. A testament to weathering our difficulties, emerging from them with a clearer picture of what we really stand for.”

Ahead of it comes brand new cracking single ‘ANTI CLUB MUSIC‘ Feat. R-T-FAX. A bass loaded techno stomper. A tongue-in-cheek track features prowling bass and mantric lyrics. Condensing the frustration of many nights dealing with shitty clubs and tech-house bros, the central hook of “Too much groove” serves to remind that sometimes four-on-the-floor really
is best.

The manic banger starts with a sort of chainsaw noise and Rebel Yell‘s repetitive announcement ‘too much groove, this is not club music‘. When this trance-like banger explodes it’s like rave experts Chemical Brothers and Leftfield joined in. Party time!
Disco firework! Shake your booty, club junkies, right here, right now…

REBEL YELL: Facebook

New album FALL FROM GRACE out 10 July – more info right here ok