Rebirth Of Nigerian World Music Artist SONIA AIMY – Discover Her New Album ‘RECONNECT’

18 October 2021

Who: Toronto-Based
Nigeria born afrobeat artist

New album: RECONNECT
Released: 1 October 2021

Info: The release is a reflection of the Nigerian-born and Toronto-based
multi-talented artist’s recent sentiments around feeling overwhelmingly
stuck, having constantly been on the move, touring the world to spread
her influence and creativity. Aimy’s work is interwoven with unpretentious
altruistic double entendres, looking back on not only the global pandemic
that led to the creation of her new album but also the much-needed self-love
and self-care that we owe ourselves as human beings.

Sonia Aimy about being forced to suddenly slow down, and feeling grounded due to the virus crisis: “I cried, I thought about so many things. But then, something happened… I began to feel a new connection to myself. I began to really dream about my past, about my childhood growing up with my mother in Nigeria, or about when I moved to Italy. So many things I’d not reflected on in the mad rush. I began to see my life in a sort of rewind that I’d not seen before. And that’s when the music and the words began to flow.”

Turn Up The Volume: Expect a melting pot of traditional African world music with
all sorts of sonic colors like reggae, soul and ska. Uptight but also melancholic moments. Overall it’s a captivating collection of tunes that invite you to sway your hips, to clap your hands, to move around and around, to celebrate life. Great orchestrations, great horns, great post-lockdown record, like a soundtrack for a rebirth.

Video for single/title track ‘Reconnect’…

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