Wall-Of-Electro-Rock-Shocks – Boston Duo BIG TIME KILL Hits Hard On ‘RECOVERY’ EP

14 May 2021

Who: A blazing electro-rock duo formed in Boston, back in 2014 by
multi-instrumentalist and producer Adam Schneider and his friend,
multi-instrumentalist Ben Caccia. Until now they made stormy waves
with their 2018 debut LP and two EPs.

Press info: The new Recovery EP is a genre-twisting collection of songs exploring existential anxiety. Taking inspiration from eclectic industrial and electronic art-rock pioneers like Fad Gadget and Peter Gabriel, the album’s four tracks blend into a fever dream of melodic pop-influenced hooks, chaotic synths, orchestral flourishes, and mangled post-punk guitars.

Adam Schneider: “Like many, I unfortunately experienced a lot of heavy personal losses
this past year, and I found myself feeling very distraught with both life and music. This EP
was my way to finally reconnect with my love for music, and it’s ultimately about embracing being yourself and that it’s ok to feel weird or different than others.”

Turn Up The Volume: In a normal world Big Time Kill should be know wide and far.
Their massive wall-of-electro-rock-shock is titanic, overwhelming at times, served with
a gigantic gusto to blow roofs off dance floors. Steamy synths, manic guitars, big beats, and intense vocals. Add the tandem’s heart and soul passion and their spot-on views on humankind and you can figure out why BTK deserves to be know wide and far along with experts like NIN, LCD Soundsytem and The Prodigy among others.

Don’t be a shallow cliché, hip-shake
to your dreams, recover and restart.

Right here, right now.