Fantasy Knights POISON RUÏN Share New Combative Track/Video ‘HÄRVEST’

9 February 2023

Who: Sharp-edged rockers
from Philadelphia.

New album: HÄRVEST
The follow-up to their jagged 2021 self-titled debut.
The new record arrives on 17 April via Relapse Records.

(Press pic via Relapse Records)

First single: HÄRVEST (title track).

Mac Kennedy (vocalist/songwriter) “I’ve always found fantasy tropes
to be incredibly evocative. That said, even though they are a set of symbols
that seem to speak to most people of our generation, they are often either
apolitical or co-opted for incredibly backward politics.”

TUTV: After an atmospheric piano intro, Philly‘s fantasy knights get fired
up by high-strung guitars, non-stop drum clobber, and distressed vocals.
Härvest‘s fuzz and buzz rush never looks back and cranks up along its jangly
course. Medieval super knight Ivanhoe is back and he kicks ass.

Heroism in sound and vision.

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