Hear First Taster Of Upcoming Compilation ‘REMIX THE UNIVERSE’ Honoring Dub Icon LEE “SCRATCH” PERRY

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11 November 2022

Toronto label WE ARE BUSY BODIES releases REMIX THE UNIVERSE on 27 January 2023. It’s a compilation of new perspectives on The Upsetter’s final collaborative album, 2021’s acclaimed LEE “SCRATCH” PERRY’S GUIDE TO THE UNIVERSE by NEW AGE DOOM.

Pre-order record/vinyl/digital album HERE.

LSP: “Life is an experiment. The more you experiment, you make a better, better Man”

Remix The Universe features new versions by artists from the post-hardcore, experimental hip hop, indie rock, EDM and ambient spheres. From the dancefloor-ready groove of South Africa’s BLK JKS, to the head-banging fuzz-dub of Quicksand, and Nick Reinhart’s experimental exploration, the 12-track album, presented as one continuous set, sizzles across 44 minutes of new music.

First taster LIFE IS AN EXPERIMENT (Cloud Climber Version) is vintage dub electronica honoring Lee “Scratch” Pery wonderfully. The Jamaican dub music pioneer who gave reggae another vibe with his revolutionary studio wizardry and visionary production technics. He passed away last year, aged 85. R.I.P.

Hear the ghost of Perry at work…