Explore The Compelling Sonic Commitment Of … NO MIGHTIER CREATURES

Fresh sonic impulses for your ears…


NO MIGHTIER CREATURES is a new solo project by Peruvian musician and poet RENATO GOMEZ, former guitarist of space rock act Serpentina Satelite. His first self-titled release contains seven songs distilled with a straightforward approach, cohesive rock with punk dynamics, centered on rhythm and repetition reminding me at times of the early Velvet Underground jamming with Tom Verlaine’s groundbreaking guitar band Television.

Gomez says the record grew around a visual/writing research of knots and pieces of urban decay around cities in Europe. The visuals became symptoms of economic crisis, political intervention, precariousness and borders, igniting new songwriting and lyrics. Discover this exciting, energetic and socially committed artist. Trust me, he’s damn good…


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