Techno Tandem LEFTFIELD Released Their Second Album ‘RHYTHM AND STEALTH’ 20 Years Ago Today…


20 September 2019


20 years today, on 20 September 1999, dance junks Neil Barnes and Paul Daley aka LEFTFIELD released their second LP ‘RHYTHM AND STEALTH’. Despite the fact that the critics (and me) loved the pair’s debut longplayer¬†Leftism better – mostly because of its imposing guests artists (such as John Lydon and Toni Halliday) giving their debut an accessible and enlivening pop feel that the follow-up lacked – Rhythm and Stealth succeeded where Leftism failed as it topped the UK’s Album Chart thanks to a trio of stunning knockouts (see below).

PITCHFORK wrote: ” ‘Rhythm and Stealth’ is a case of too little too late. We’re clamoring for an album that these guys can’t deliver. In our overblown hopes for the salvation of rock, we chose the wrong candidates to deliver the debauchery, the rioting, and the risk that made listening to rock radio such a dirty illicit thrill. The starkly saddening thought is that there may not be anyone out there capable of making us wet ourselves with excitement. We may all be victims of overwhelming disappointment.” Full review¬†here. Score: 6.3/10

Three striking highlights





Album in full…