TURN UP THE VOLUME’S Knockout OCTOBER Team – Eleven Killer Tracks…

Eleven killer tracks on repeat this past month…

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Eleven killer tracks we played on repeat in October!
An eclectic mix of poppy vibrations and steamy grooves
energizing all of our senses and our limbs this past month!
Here’s Turn Up The Volume‘s Knockout October Team!

1. ‘Faith & Science’ by MODERATE REBELS (London, UK)
With Moderate Rebels it’s all about intoxicating mantra-like psych grooves. Like a mind-expanding mix of Velvet Underground, The Dandy Warhols and Spacemen 3. Far-out stuff!


2. I Don’t Care Anymore by BIG TIME KILL (Boston, US)
This raging electro-duo produces inflammable firework to go berserk to on the dance floor. This cutting cracker comes from debut LP ‘Shock And Awe‘. Read all about it here.


3. ‘Bar Stool Warriors’ by GARETH SAGER & THE HUNGRY GHOSTS (Scotland)
This is what happened when longtime post-punk chameleon Gareth Sager invited the ghosts of Captain Beefheart & Frank Zappa for a cup of tea and a rad jam. Full result here.

4. ‘Turn The Knife’ by PALM GHOSTS (Nashville, US)
A feverish mixed emotions pop pearl build around a stellar melody with layers of sparkling guitars and elevated by the enrapturing effect of duet vocals. Both dazzling and haunting.

5. ‘Money Money’ by RICHARD ASHCROFT (England)
Closing track of the legend’s brand new album. Hottest, hookiest and rockiest cut of all.


6. ‘The Witness’ by HERSELF (Italy)
Most upbeat, most funky and most vibey stroke on new LP by singer/songwriter Gioele Valenti aka Herself. Find out more about the whole album ‘Rigel Playground‘ right here.

7. ‘Pastel Blues’ by THE ATTICS (Melbourne, Australia)
You’ll feel groovy, you’ll look groovy and your swaying hips will make other people go groovy when you’re walking the streets with this earworm on your headphones. Ace!

THE ATTICS: Facebook

8. ‘Beacon’ by THE MIGHTY ORCHID KING (St Albans, UK)
Expect kooky guitars, a pulsating rhythmic tandem, an overall buzzing resonance, echoing vocals and karma-like 60s harmonies. Yesterday is the new today! Time to chill out! Yeah!


9. ‘Secret’ by VAUREEN (Brooklyn, NY, US)
As much decibels as My Bloody Valentine, as dark as Killing Joke and with Lydia Lunch‘s enigmatic spirit on vocals. Outcome? Like a pitch-black Neil Young hurricane. Puzzling!

10. ‘Victoria Park’ by RED TELEPHONE (Cardiff, Wales)
Melancholic melody, starry-eyed vocals and an overall gratifying warmth that makes you long for happy-go-lucky childhood days. Reminds me of romantic popsters Scritti Politti.


11. ‘Dream Apartment’ by OH FOR (Finland)
This humdinger’s jazzy bass warmth, its twinkling orchestration and its intimate vocals will make your thoughts drift away to the room in your mind where you can freely fantasize.

OH FOR: Facebook

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See/hear you next month for another knockout team

RICHARD ASHCROFT – His New Fervent LP ‘NATURAL REBEL’ Shows A Gripping Singer/Songwriter Growing Older… In Grand Style

21 October 2018

Yesterday RICHARD ASHCROFT released his fifth solo longplayer entitled NATURAL REBEL . Some intellectual critics expected a sort of rowdy Idles punk record (which
Idles actually made! Big monstrous LP! I love it) by Richard Ashcroft because of ‘Rebel
in the title and other related nonsense. I expected glowing songs for heart & soul by
a great singer/songwriter growing older in grand style. Fuck the critics. I got what I
wanted. Here’s a heartfelt collection of gripping songs.on repeat right now..

RICHARD ASHCROFT: Facebook – Website

Natural singer/songwriter

(photo: FB – RA)

RICHARD ASHCROFT – Here’s ‘SURPRISED BY THE JOY’ – The First Single From His New Album…

Brand new sonic impulses

10 September 2018

On 19th October RICHARD ASHCROFT will release his new solo album NATURAL REBEL. Ahead of its launch here’s the first single SURPRISED BY THE JOY. A high-spirited, uplifting pop rainbow with lively strings. Hear/watch it this way…

RICHARD ASHCROFT: Website – Facebook- Twitter 

More info about new album NATURAL REBEL here


Remarkable albums from the past…

‘Alone With Everybody’ by RICHARD ASHCROFT
Released: 26 June 2000 / debut album

ALL MUSIC wrote: “He still believes that music has a soul — with or without his former band. He is certainly a rock star and a believer in love, death, musical spirituality, and individuality. That is what made the Verve a great rock band in the first place, but Ashcroft’s superior drive
to do something real only makes him and his music more endearing. He is looking ahead, not wishing for past adventures. He celebrates life, pure and simple.”

Score: 4/5 – Full review here.

TURN UP THE VOLUME! says: This is Mister Northern Soul Voice! My fav tracks: A Song
For The Lovers / I Get My Beat / New York / C’Mon People (We’re Making It Now)

ALBUM in full…

RICHARD ASHCROFT: Website – Facebook- Twitter 

Soon back with new album NATURAL REBEL – out 19 October

RICHARD ASHCROFT Launches Fifth Solo Album ‘NATURAL REBEL’ in October…

15 August 2018

RICHARD ASHCROFT , former singer/frontman of The Verve follows his excellent 2016 album These People with new – his fifth – solo longplayer, entitled NATURAL REBEL. It’ll feature 10 new songs all written by the man himself. The record is jointly produced by Ashcroft, Jon Kelly and Emre Ramazanoglu, who previously worked with Paul McCartney and Kate Bush respectively.

RA about his new music: “With experience comes knowledge and for me this is
my strongest set of songs to date. All my favourite sounds distilled into something
that will hopefully give my fans lasting pleasure. It is for them. Music is power.”

All My Dreams
Birds Fly
Surprised By The Joy
That’s How Strong
Born To Be Strangers
That’s When I Feel It
We All Bleed
A Man in Motion
Streets of Amsterdam
Money Money

Natural Rebel will be out 19 October. More info and pre-order facilities right here

RICHARD ASHCROFT Website – Facebook- Twitter 

2017 ALL STAR LIVE TEAM – Here Are TURN UP THE VOLUME’S 11 Most Ecstatic Gig Experiences!

I witnessed 147 artists this year, from sweaty performances in cafes to some big ones
at festivals, from many club gigs to mid-range venue shows. I need live music to fuel
my engine, to get loaded, to make my adrenalin stream faster, to keep balance on this troubled planet – and live music certainly helps me to get away from daily, disturbing worries and have some thrilling time instead. Here are TURN UP THE VOLUME’s 11 most ecstatic gig experiences of 2017!…

Where/when: Nosta, Opwijk – 13 December
Voodoo noise and the sound of breaking glass…
My review

Listen to GRUPPO’s newest album here / Social link: Facebook  

2/ IT IT ANITA (Liege, Belgium)
Where/when: Charlatan, Ghent – 17 July
Deafening, crazed, mind-blowing and non-stop exorcism…
My review

Listen to IIAA here / Social media: Facebook – Twitter

3/ PRIMAL SCREAM (Scotland/England)
Where/when: Melkweg, Amsterdam / Roma, Antwerp – 15 June / 16 June
Getting my rocks off (again) with the fabulous and imperishable SCREAM turbo…
My review

Here’s latest album CHAOSMOSIS / Social media: Website – Facebook

4/ THE FLAMING LIPS (Oklahoma, US)
Where/when: Roma, Antwerp – 4 February
Dazzling fairytale spectacle – impressive  ‘phantasy’ paradise …
My review

Listen here to The Lips  / Social media: Website – Facebook

Where/when: Paradiso, Amsterdam – 27 April
Punk disco grooves for the outsiders injected with electro punches to go bananas to …
My review

Listen to their debut LP here / THE MOONLANDINGZ: Facebook – Twitter

6/ DUDS (Manchester, UK)
Where/when: Kinky Star, Ghent – 13 November
Deranged punk funk bravado with mental trumpets…
My review

Listen here to DUDS’ debut LP / Social media: Facebook – Label: Castle Face Records

7/ U2 (Ireland)
Where/when: Koning Boudewijn Stadion, Brussels – 1 Augustus
‘Joshua Tree’ in full + a jukebox filled with solid gold classics – loud and clear…
My review

Listen to THE JOSHUA TREE here  / Social media: Website – Facebook – Twitter

8/ BOSS HOG (New York, NY, US)
Where/when: Vooruit, Ghent – 3 November
Electrifying trash blues steamroller with a nasty and witchery edge…
My review

Listen to BROOD X album here / Social media: Facebook – Twitter

9/ RICHARD ASHCROFT (Wigan, England)
Where/when: Crammerrock Festival, Stekene, Belgium – 1 September
Anthemic knockouts for heart and soul from start to finish…
My pics

Listen to RA here / RICHARD ASHCROFT: Website – Facebook

10/ LA JUNGLE (Mons, Belgium)
Where/when: Handelsbeurs, Ghent – 20 July
Perfect soundtrack to start a devilish insane moshpit in hell…
My review  
Listen to the duo’s explosive watermelons here / LA JUNGLE: Facebook

11/ SHHT (Ghent, Belgium)
Where/when: Nest, Ghent – 29 November
Spectacular and chaotic cabinet of curiosities…
My review

Listen to new single MAO here / SHHT: Facebook – Instagram

5 Best of the rest: Temples /  / The Kills / Inheaven / Millionaire / Peter Hook & The Light

(All concert pics by JL/Turn Up The Volume!)

THE VERVE Released Their Spaced Out 4-Track Debut E.P. 25 Years Ago…

When timeless in sound and vision it’s a…


Record: 5-track debut E.P.
Released: 7 December 1992 – 25 years ago…
NME wrote: “one of the few bands who still believe that the space between your ears is infinite, that nothing is impossible, that it’s all within our reach…they soar…This is no easy ride but it’s a hell of an adventure, a risk well worth taking…”
Notes: the E.P. features songs that never appeared on a studio LP. The EP’s 2 singles – ‘Gravity Grave’ and ‘She’s a Superstar‘ – reappeared on the compilation album This Is Music: The Singles 1992 – 1998. The record’s cover was taken in Ashcroft‘s flat in Wigan.
Score: the striking and spacey start of a tumultuous ride for a spectacular anthems band
fronted by charismatic singer/songwriter and – then – eccentric Richard Ashcroft.

Here’s top stroke ‘She’s A Superstar’

The E.P. in full

THE VERVE: Facebook – Biography – Discography

Northern souls