Waking Up With Smart Dressers THE NUDE PARTY And New Jangly Groover ‘RIDE ON’

Works faster and harder than caffeine

18 January 2023

Press photo by Clark Hodgin

North Carolina rock squad THE NUDE PARTY who
like to dress smart are back in town to kick ass.

Their new, 3d, LP baptized RIDES ON arrives on 10 March.

Ahead of it comes first single RIDE ON.

Patton Magee: “It started very literally with a teary-eyed old man telling me about a bull
rider he met down in Mexico named Alfredo,” says frontman Patton Magee. “I took note of the conversation because it felt powerful somehow. Shaun in the band had written this great arrangement of chords and when the two came together, the story just kinda poured out. You always hear people say things like, ‘oh, the Rolling Stones should just hang it up… they’re way over the hill.’ I feel bad for people who think that way. I’m saying exactly the opposite. If you’re alive, then live. No brakes. Ride on.

Ride On rolls, rattles and rumbles, grooves and moves as if The Velvet Underground went
spicy country rock. It’s a jangly earworm that augments your adrenalin production.

Have a ride here.

Also st(r)eaming on Spotify.

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