Raging And Rip-Roaring – Hardcore Supergroup DEAD CROSS Covers BLACK FLAG

15 June 2020

Hardcore supergroup DEAD CROSS (with Faith No More frontman Mike Patton and Slayer drummer Dave Lombardo with Retox’s Justin Pearson and Mike Crain) unleashed their wall-breaking cover of Black Flag’s anti-authority anthem RISE ABOVE referring to the Black Lives Matter protests after two black men were cowardly killed.

In a statement, Dead Cross says that their version “created in solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement and staunchly opposing police brutality and systemic racism.” The anger fueled steamroller opens with a powerful audio clip of a Los Angeles resident telling
the LAPD chief to “suck my dick and choke on it.”

We are tired of your abuse
Try to stop us, but it’s no use


Here’s the BLACK FLAG original (live version)

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