TOYAH & FRIPP With Some Help From Mr. Brightside CHESNEY HAWKES

Just when you think that TOYAH & FRIPP can’t top their most hilarious
moments anymore, the fabulous YouTube stars come up with this new
Sunday Lunchperformance that made me burst out laughing.

This week the lovers picked Mr. Brightside, the ace debut
single by Los Angeles’ glam pop darlings THE KILLERS.

And they let British mega idol Chesney Hawkes do the signing
so they both could concentrate on moving in mysterious ways.
You bloody clowns!

Roll the tape.

The original killer

Toyah & Robert‘s ‘Sunday Lunch’ YouTube channel HERE

COVER OF THE WEEK – Graceful TOYAH And Her Rhythm Slaves

19 August 2022

TOYAH and ROBERT FRIPP do not need an introduction whatsoever anymore,
if you ask me (also if you don’t ask me). Both had/have notable successful careers
and both together have their Sunday lunch on YouTube, every week for more
than two years now.

About 2 months ago the lovebirds picked Grace Jones‘s giant 1985 hit
Slave to the Rhythm to entertain us with it on the laziest day of the week.

Recently T & R recorded their cover of that soulful pearl, fully orchestrated,
as a new Toyah single, and shared an accompanying video so you can join
sexy Toyah for a little dance to this sensuous interpretation with her seductive
posh pop voice as the star in the middle and the trippy guitars of King Robert
and Simon Darlow on the sides, left and right. They’re rhythm slaves to Toyah.

your hips, ladies, and gents.

The gracious original

And more TOYAH news.

Remastered and expanded editions of her Gold-selling album
Anthem (which turned 20 years last year) will be launched on
9 September.

Pre-order info via Cherry Red Records

TOYAH And ROBERT Are Slaves To The Rhythm

No Sunday Lunch without oddballs Toyah and Robert.
No 7th day of the week without their spunky presence.
No rest for the musical kitchen kooks.

And today, with assistance of guitarist Simon Darlow the
husband/wife duo admits that they’re slaves to the rhythm.

Here we go…

The graceful original

TOYAH: Instagram

Sexy TOYAH (Too Sexy For You Tube) And Lonely Boy ROBERT Cover THE BLACK KEYS In 9 Takes

8 May 2022

(Still from the video clip)

It’s Sunday. It’s Toyah and Robert day. The tandem is simply
unstoppable. Today the comical pair picked The Black Keys
megahit Lonely Boy.

YouTube labeled the duo’s video age-restricted, so you need to go
directly to YT to see the clip. Why? Because Toyah looks terribly sexy?
Are you serious, YT? Incredibly ridiculous!

Check it out for yourselves, folks…

The Black Keys original

TOYAH Puts Her Sexy NANCY SINATRA Boots On For Her King Crimson Sweetheart ROBERT FRIPP


Since her beloved Robert is on tour with his mates of King Crimson,
his sexy wife Toyah takes care of the by now infamous Sunday Lunch
Cover Sessions
by her own. For six weeks in a row now, Toyah picks a
hot song and she sends her cover as a sonic love letter over to her
lonely husband, on the road in lonely hotels.

This week she takes her boots on for him…

The original boots

TOYAH: Facebook