TOYAH Puts Her Sexy NANCY SINATRA Boots On For Her King Crimson Sweetheart ROBERT FRIPP


Since her beloved Robert is on tour with his mates of King Crimson,
his sexy wife Toyah takes care of the by now infamous Sunday Lunch
Cover Sessions
by her own. For six weeks in a row now, Toyah picks a
hot song and she sends her cover as a sonic love letter over to her
lonely husband, on the road in lonely hotels.

This week she takes her boots on for him…

The original boots

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Unstoppable YouTube Stars TOYAH And ROBERT FRIPP Have SWEET DREAMS

14 June 2021

TOYAH, her husband/soulmate/King Crimson legend ROBERT FRIPP
and their friend Sydney took a couple of weeks off from entertaining
thousands of us with their comical Sunday Lunch Cover Sessions on
YouTube. But their back now with their kitchen craziness.

The kitchen trio are back having traveled the world and the seven seas.
Don’t miss this one, sure to provide sweet dreams.”
said Toyah before
impersonating Eurythmics.

Let’s start the show…

The original

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TOYAH And ROBERT – Happy 75 – Were Born To Be Wild

TOYAH and her husband/soulmate ROBERT FRIPP and
their friend Sydney are unstoppable. They go nuts every
week in their little kitchen – since April 2020 – with their
hilarious Sunday Lunch cover sessions.

It was a special Sunday yesterday, as Robert Fripp
celebrated his 75th birthday. The King Crimson legend
was born in Wimborne Minster, Dorset, UK on 16 May 1946.
Yoohoo! Bring on the cake!

That’s probably why the two YouTube stars
picked Steppenwolf‘s classic cracker from
1968: Born To Be Wild.

Another kooky Toyah/Robert performance. Time to get wet…

The timeless original

Nobody Can Stop Firestarters TOYAH And ROBERT FRIPP

10 May 2021

Nothing or nobody can stop TOYAH, her husband/soulmate ROBERT
and friend Sydney from going loco every week – since April 2020 –
with their Sunday Lunch cover sessions.

This time they picked a not-so-obvious, but fitting, cracker from British
electro bulldozers The Prodigy. Again their hilarious performance will
put a big smile on your face.

Start the fire here and go loco too…

The original – R.I.P. Keith Flint

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26 April 2021

TOYAH and helpmate ROBERT FRIPP keep on bubbling in their
home bubble. Their weekly Sunday Lunch cover sessions (since
April 2020) are spreading on the Internet like a benign rock virus.

Yesterday they turned SILVERMACHINE, the 1972 classic
space rocker by British psych outlaws HAWKIND featuring
the late great Lemmy, upside down.

Let the bubbles fly Toyah…

The original

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TOYAH & ROBERT Can’t Get Satisfaction

19 April 2021

You just can’t stop TOYAH WILLCOX and her husband ROBERT FRIPP
from having a ball every Sunday around lunchtime. Their weekly cover
sessions (since April 2020) made them huge YouTube stars.

But yesterday the comic couple couldn’t get satisfaction…

The rollin’ original

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