Amazing Artwork! Cover Of Album ‘SHLEEP’ By ROBERT WYATT 25 Years Ago

Eye-catching album cover art

Singer-songwriter ROBERT WYATT released his 7th, praised solo album called SHLEEP
25 years ago this year (November 1997). The LP featured musical friends such as Brian
Eno, Phil Manzanera, Annie Whitehead, Evan Parker,
and Paul Weller.

The concept of the illustration on the cover is by Wyatt and his
wife Alfreda Benge, and signed in pencil by both together.

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Happy 77 To One Of The Original Singer-Songwriters ROBERT WYATT

28 January 2021

Singer-songwriter ROBERT WYATT (real name Robert Wyatt-Ellidge) was born
on 28 January 1945. Happy 77 to the man who formed Soft Machine (1966)
and Matching Mole (1971). He became paraplegic following an accidental fall
from a window in 1973.

He started a long and much-acclaimed solo career which ended in 2014 when
he retired with this message: “Here is a pride in stopping, I don’t want the music
to go off.”

To celebrate his birthday here’s the tremendously beautiful pearl Shipbuilding.
A song about the Falklands War. Clive Langer composed the music and Elvis Costello
wrote the lyrics as Wyatt wasn’t happy about his own words. Released as a single in
1982, re-released a year later.

What a wonderous voice


(photo on top: from the cover of his ‘Different Every Time’ album)