LIVE KICK OF THE DAY – Sweet LOU In Paris 1974

One live track a day keeps the doctor away

17 September 2022

Artist: LOU REED
(March 2, 1942 – October 27, 2013)

Reed wrote this classic for the 4th Velvet Underground LP LOADED (1970)

4 years later a smoking live version appeared on his legendary live LP
Rock ‘n’ Roll Animal (best live album ever to my ears) recorded at a
concert in New York the year before.

This live version comes from a 1974 show in Paris (on his Rock ‘n’ Roll album Tour).
A rare rendition with a totally different (long) intro than on the live LP. A pretty weird
jazzy/bluesy one until Reed decides to come up front and start Sweet Jane.

Sweet Lou

From the same tour this, at times, hilarious
interview with Australian journalists.

LOU REED: Bio – Discography