ROMAN LIONS Roar And Rant And Riot On Their New Uppercut Single ‘NEGATIVE’

Daily electricity to load your batteries…

25 June 2021

Who: Post-rock/hardcore hit team out of Northern Californian
that combines the emotional intensity of screamo, the build-and-
break grandeur of post-rock, and the heaviness of hardcore.

New single: NEGATIVE

Justin Tracy (vocalist) says ‘Negative’ : “Is a song about confronting the darker side
of introspection. About embracing those darker feelings in an attempt to regulate your emotional state and become something less chaotic. In the end, realizing that there is
a price to pay for using negativity as the catalyst for self discovery.”

Score: No rest for the addicted hardcore fans. These lions make more noise than
five hot-rods in overdrive. Expect a series of punk punches, a tornado of in-your-face racket, clamorous hardcore energy, and a huge dose of illegal decibels. On top of it
comes loudmouth Justin Tracy. Every single second I thought that he would explode
and destroy my (cheap) speakers. My oh my, his demons push him to the limit. But
let’s stay positive, this is the kind of sonic uppercut your head likes to bang to on
your bedroom wall.

A king-sized knockout!

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