Ukrainian Alt Artist ALEX YARMAK Pictures The War With His New Thunderstroke ‘ROOTS GROW DEEP’

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22 January 2023

Who: Alt singer-songwriter from Ukraine.

The title track from his new, upcoming album.

Yarmak: “I want to draw people’s attention to the fact that we,
Ukrainians were heavily influenced by the Russian culture, so we
need to cut those roots to feel finally, and completely, free.”

Single artwork

TUTV: On 24 February it will be a year since Russian troops invaded
Ukraine and started a merciless and destructive war. Again power rapacity
and territorial greediness are the motives to start a conflict, with disastrous
consequences, this time for the Ukrainian people.

Roots Grow Deep is an oppressive industrial shocker, a frustration-fueled
synth thunderstroke that brings mean whang machine Nine Inch Nails to
mind. You can sense the grievance, resentment and bitterness.

Fuck Putin! Fuck war!

The accompanying video showcases the scenes on the ground in Ukraine as
Alex Yarmak travels around Kyiv with a camcorder revealing the cultural remanence
of Russian influence and the devastation the war has brought.


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