Garage Rock Fury THE DARTS Hits Bullseye At ROOTS AND ROSES Festival in Belgium…

THE DARTS – Roots & Roses Festival in Lessines, Belgium – 1 May 2018

The Devilish American Roaring Turbo Squad, in short THE DARTS landed in Belgium
for the first time and they did it with a thunderous bang. It all happened at the sizzling Roots & Roses Festival last Tuesday in Lessines. These four flamboyant black cats have
all the red-hot characteristics of a kick-ass rock and roll engine you fall in love with
at first sight/sound. They are steamy, swirling, sexy, sparkling, sensual, and swing sensationally on a stage as they proved at R&R. This garage fury nailed it big time.

Charismatic frontcat Nicolle Laurenne is the eye-catcher in the middle. She uses her
organ as a horse, a plaything, a sex toy and, oh yeah, also as an instrument producing
a sweaty 60s garage fuzz that triggers all of your senses. She knows all the teasing tricks and titillating moves and uses her sultry vox perfectly. She acts and performs like she’s
the female reincarnation of the 1969 Iggy Pop who wanted to be your dog. What we got was five stars entertainment. Red-hot and irresistibly magnetic. HAIL HAIL THE DARTS! See you soon again. Here’s a clip, ladies and gents, that shows a tip of the volcano impact this foursome has when playing alive and kicking…

I knew you wanted more. Here’s plenty
flaming fuel with their debut LP ‘Me.Ow’

Picture this

I want to be your dog

Play that funky bass, girl

Black cats in crime

Playing backwards

Nicolle Laurenne giving two kids a day to remember forever

THE DARTS: Website – Facebook – Twitter

(concert pics: JL/Turn Up The Volume!)