ROUTINE DEATH – Shadowy Dream Pop Act Share New Haunting Piece ‘THE FREE MAN THINKS OF DEATH’ From Their Upcoming LP

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11 August 2023

Who: Gothenburg-based DIY dream-pop project featuring
main man Dustin Zozaya who works with several other artists.

Is a piece from the new, third, upcoming album, named
Comrade. Out on 1 September via Fuzz Club.

The philosopher who inspired this song

Dustin Zozaya:“It’s a simple but personal song. It’s the first time I’ve done lead vocals on a track, so just that in itself makes it personal. The lyrics are inspired by Baruch Spinoza, a 17th century philosopher, who said ‘A free man thinks about death, but his wisdom is in reflections about life, not death.’ That really resonates with me, as I’m constantly trying to come to terms with mortality, even in beautiful moments like bathing my child or lying in bed on Saturday mornings. I believe that if anything is an illusion, it’s life, not death.”

“When my kid was born, I started referring to the baby as ‘the comrade’, and this nickname sparked the rethinking of Routine Death. It was time to start collaborating with other musicians and going deeper into different approaches to music, like sampling and using field recordings.”

TUTV: Multi-layers of gloomy guitars, darkwave-infused synths and fevered vocals
come all together organically and lead this composition to a towering sonority, both haunting and melodious. If life is an illusion, I must say that the sound of it is pretty riveting.

Album artwork

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