BOB DYLAN Defending Convicted Black Boxer Robert ‘HURRICANE’ Carter 45 Years AGo

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3 January 2022

At the end of 1975 living legend BOB DYLAN released single HURRICANE.
A protest song co-written with Jacques Levy, about the imprisonment of black
boxer Rubin Carter, whose nickname was Hurricane.

“Carter and a man named John Artis had been charged with a triple murder at the Lafayette Grill in Paterson, New Jersey, in 1966. The following year Carter and Artis were found guilty of the murders, which were widely reported as racially motivated. In the years that followed, a substantial amount of controversy emerged over the case, ranging from allegations of faulty evidence and questionable eyewitness testimony to an unfair trial.”

The song entered the US Singles charts this day 45 years ago.
It peaked at #33 and was part of his stellar 1976 album Desire
released on 5 January 1976.

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