Toronto’s RUNNING RED LIGHTS Look Back – Here’s New Affectional Single ‘CALLS OF PRUDENCE’…

Relaxing vibes for the laziest day of the week…

27 January 2019

Toronto’s quartet RUNNING RED LIGHTS, centred around the duo of vocalist/guitarist Scarlett Flynn and drummer/guitarist Kevin Howley have an idyllic new single out called CALLS OF PRUDENCE. A delicate, affectional and nostalgic musing written by Flynn. Its romantic, retrospect feel and gripping vocals will make your thoughts drift away to your
own past. Also the overall soulful tone and the saxophone sequence create a Sade like
tenderness with a touch of Portishead‘s moodiest moments. Evocative accomplishment.

“It was penned during a moment where I felt myself longing for the vibrancy of youth, the thrill of experiencing things for the first time. One day, I was feeling particularly nostalgic and found myself reflecting on the days when I was young and could get blissfully drunk without having anyone or anything to answer to, without regard for the time that I was wasting” says Flynn.

Catch the heartwarming beauty right here…

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