Timeless Masterpiece ‘RUNNING SCARED’ by ROY ORBISON – No 1 Hit In The US This Day In 1961

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5 June 2020

Artist: Roy Orbison
23 April 1936 – 6 December 1988
Single: Running Scared
Written by Orbison and Joe Melson
B-side: Love Hurts
Released:  March 1961
Score: Topped the US charts on 5 June 1961 (59 years ago today)
selling over more than 1 million copies / peaked at #9 in the UK
Album: Crying

Here’s the BIG O with a monumental live version…

Nick Cave‘s cover…

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ROY ORBISON Topped US Singles Chart 58 Years Ago With ‘RUNNING SCARED’ – Here’s NICK CAVE’s Raw Rendition…

5 June 2019

Today 58 years ago, on 5 June 1961, the late great Big O better known as ROY ORBISON topped the US Singles Chart with ‘RUNNING SCARED‘. To my ears, his best ever song and his best every vocal performance. NICK CAVE, one of his most fervent fans covered this timeless diamond back in 1986 (the year Cave‘s covers album Kicking Against the Pricks came out). With his baritone voice and darksome timbre he turned ‘Running Scared‘ in
a doomy near-murder ballad. Check it out below…

If you never heard the original than this standout
live version will blow you off your socks…

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