Amazing Artwork! LITTLE FEAT 50 Years Ago

Eye-catching album covers

Band: Legendary Los Angeles rockers led by singer-songwriter Lowell George.
Active: 1969–1979, 1987–present / 15 albums with Rooster Rag as their latest,
released in 2012.

Artwork: Cover of their 2nd LP called SAILIN’ SHOES
released 50 years ago this year (May 1972).

The album’s cover artwork is by American illustrator Neon Park, looking
like a reference to The Swing by French painter Jean-Honoré Fragonard.

Park said: “The Sailin’ Shoes cover was inspired by Louis XIV. I’d just seen Rossellini’s film
about Louis XIV. And it seemed to relate a lot to Hollywood. A situation ruled by someone
who kept everybody under his thumb by keeping them in hock from buying fancy clothes seemed to relate to Hollywood somehow. Actually, the only thing that was missing was the Hollywood sign, which I was going to put in the background. I thought that would be gauche.

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