THE DARTS – Sisters In Garage Crime Woke Up The Dead With Hot Psychobilly Performance In Belgium…

THE DARTS – ‘Le Communal’, Saint-Léger, Belgium – 1 July 2018

Dedicated Turn Up The Volume followers know that all female American garage gang
THE DARTS – The Devilish American Roaring Turbo Squad – has a V.I.P. room in my earsystem. Last Sunday they landed for the second time this year in Belgium with yours truly at the first row, enjoying the tropical heat on and off the podium, in a packed club.
So for those who lived on Mars the past year, I’ll detail, once more, the reasons why our adrenaline’s stream went gaga again. Because these four fired up ladies roar, rumble, rock, roll, jump, twist, scream, shout, yell, rebel, stand up, lay down, crack, burst, boil,
twirl, rotate, electrify, steam, boom, captivate, spin, sway, dance, pirouette, hop, whirl, discharge, sweat, capriole, thunder, flash, drumfire, erupt, trigger, resonate, glimmer, glisten, flicker, twinkle and make America great again. Capeesh? Despite the sultry heatwave the Californian black and white rockers did that and so much more again.
Hail hail!…

Fact: the band played in the small village of Saint-Léger, in the middle of nowhere, next to a church annex large graveyard, and I actually sensed that all second world war heroes and martyrs buried over there had a great time especially with the opener of the rowdy set… ‘

Here are some pics of the heated blitzkrieg show

‘Twist and Shout’ maestro Nicole Laurenne with one leg at the time

Vampire Christina Nunez on bass

Michelle ‘The Human Riff’ Balderrama

Blonde drummers like Rikki Styxx have more fun

Sisters in crime

Hair band

Sonic fight

Guitar crash

So that’s how a keyboard looks like on the inside


All war heroes and martyrs in Saint-Léger woke up for one night

And here’s THE DARTS burning
new double A-side single…

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(all pics by JL/Turn Up The Volume!)