Nashville Songstress MERRY ELLEN KIRK Moves With Starry-Eyed Ballad ‘SAME MOON’…

Sonic reveries for the laziest day of the week

3 May 2020

Nashville songwriter MERRY ELLEN KIRK is blessed with a magical voice that touches melancholic hearts and maudlin souls. What a gorgeous vox. Graceful, compassionate, warmhearted and riveting, twinkling like a dazzling star on a fairy tale night.

Her new thought-provoking song SAME MOON is a shimmering sonic pearl. Tender
and tranquilizing, wholehearted and healing. The intimate piano play fits Kirk’s vocality
like a velvet glove and when the angelic harmonies resound you’ll see sparks fly in slow motion. This sensitive musing resonates like a comforting musical companion spreading hope and solace in these surreal isolation days.

Right now things are looking dark
And danger’s always creeping up
But you’ll see
Things are gonna be alright

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