SCREENSAVER – Australian Indie Rock Team Scores With New Single ‘THE GUILT’

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5 August 2023

📸: Kalindy Williams

Who: A synth driven post-pop-punk
band from Melbourne, Australia

New single: THE GUILT
First taster from their 2nd, upcoming album, named
Decent Shapes, out on 20 October. Pre-order info here.

Krystal Maynard (frontwoman): “Existence can be exhausting: relationships to maintain,
jobs to get done, people to impress, all the while the world is falling apart around us. In the
clip we’re capturing the performative nature of life; the acting and the reacting. Perfection is impossible, imperfection is human. You try your best to be everything to everyone at all times, but failure is inevitable and then the guilt arrives. “

TUTV: This is a glorious guitar-infused belter that rotates on and on until you get dizzy. Its swirling drive causes an adrenalin rush to the head. No brakes, no breaks. Add the sassy vocals of frontwoman Krystal Maynard and you get a solid gold crackerjack ripper to go bonkers to. Heated stuff!



SCREENSAVER: Instagram – Linktree

Sneer And Shout Swipe – Punk ‘N’ Rollers SWINE TAX Back With ‘SCREENSAVER’

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8 June 2020

Turn Up The Volume follows punk ‘n’ rollers SWINE TAX from Newcastle since their 2018 uppermost EP Recycle Bin on. I can’t figure out why they didn’t obtain world domination by now, but I’m pretty sure new ace single ‘SCREENSAVER‘ should catapult them to the next level.

This fresh stormy fireball is about ‘gawping at screens all day, slowly going insane and totally reliant on technology to communicate‘ and grabs you firmly by the throat from the wham-bam intro, the hefty harbinger for a rap-like sneer and shout swipe. The speedy pace, the rattling guitars, and rapid-fire chorus cutting like a shiny Swiss knife raise your body-temperature and adrenaline production. It’s a clear-cut wake-up call to go back to the good old face-to-face chat. Capeesh? Turn up the decibels and lose your mind here…

SWINE TAX: Website – Facebook

Also available via iTunes