Birmingham Trio MUTES Space Out On New Single ‘SEVERE CLEAR’

26 April 2021

Who: Post-punk polymaths from Birmingham, UK

Pick: SEVERE CLEAR – second single from
new upcoming album (their third) called ‘Dreams of Being Cornered‘.
About: The new single is an unrelenting portrait of the dichotomy
between addiction and sobriety, the title alluding to the often too
painful clarity that recovery can bring.

Score: It feels like this jangly roller coaster swings from darkness to
daylight and back. From the heavily droning verses to the melodic
guitar-shiny chorus. Mixed emotions at play. This feverish post-punk
mind-boggler works, slowly but surely, towards a spaced-out finale
doing your head in. Bang-on powerstroke!

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New album DREAMS OF BEING CORNERED out 7 May – order info here and here