25 December 2018

Shane Patrick Lysaght MacGowan was born to Irish parents in Tunbridge Wells, Engeland on Christmas Day 61 years ago today and became one of the best singer/songwriters and genuine performers of all time and yes, he also saved a couple of breweries and distilleries from going bankrupt. Let’s celebrate the man with that big Xmas classic we all know. I chose this particular version because of that sweet little dance Shane had with the late great Kirsty MacColl and… with Camille O’Sullivan (years later, in 2012), at the end of this video. Happy Xmas, happy birthday…

(pic on top: Getty / Press AF)

Happy 60th Christmas Birthday To Living Legend SHANE MACGOWAN


25 December 2017


Shane Patrick Lysaght MacGowan  was born in Turnbrigde Wells, England  on 25 December 1957. His parents were Irish who moved to England to find work. Shane is a living legend most notorious for being a sublime romantic singer-songwriter,  for being drunk every day since the age of 9,  for being the turbulent frontman of Celtic folk punk gang THE POGUES and for being a unique survivor. To celebrate here are three classics to celebrate the man’s 60 birthday…

STREAMS OF WHISKEY –  smashing cracker…

SUMMER IN SIAM – pure melancholia

FAIRYTALE OF NEW YORK – eternal classic…



With legends THE POGUES…


(photo on top: Getty Images /The Pogues)

Let’s Drink To Legend SHANE MACGOWAN’s 59th Birthday And The Best Christmas Anthem Ever…


24/25 December 2016


FAIRYTALE OF NEW YORK is without a shadow of a doubt the best Christmas song ever.
It is, isn’t it? THE POGUES‘ banjo player Jem Finer came up with the gorgeous melody and the original concept for the anthem in 1985 – two years before its release – while infamous frontman, full-time drunk and extremely gifted songwriter SHANE MACGOWAN wrote the song’s magical story, containing some of the best (egoistic) love lines ever when the late, wonderful late Kirsty MacColl sings “You took my dreams from me / When I first found you” and Shane answers with “I kept them with me babe /  I put them with my own / Can’t make it all alone / I’ve built my dreams around you…


MacGowan himself was born on Christmas Day 1957 in Kent, England! Happy 59 to one of the most colorful, talented & troubled (broke his pelvis last year) musician in history! Let’s toast and listen once again to this timeless, melancholic diamond…

Shane on writing the lyrics in 1985: “I sat down, opened the sherry, got the peanuts out
and pretended it was Christmas. It’s quite sloppy, more like ‘A Pair of Brown Eyes’ than ‘Sally MacLennane’, but there’s also a céilidh bit in the middle which you can definitely dance to.
Like a country and Irish ballad, but one you can do a brisk waltz to, especially when you’ve got about enough drinks. But the song itself is quite depressing in the end, it’s about these old Irish-American Broadway stars who are sitting round at Christmas talking about whether things are going okay.”


With thanks to British music magazine NME check
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