Sheffield’s Punk Turbo SHEAFS Shares Ferocious Slam From Debut EP – Here’s ‘TOTAL VANITY!’…

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24 January 2020


Who: “A Sheffield pack that punches with blistering riffs and instantly addictive hooks that
hark back to the glory days of regional indie in their 4-minute whirlwinds of guitar-led goodness.”

Pick: TOTAL VANITY! – single from their upcoming debut EP – the band describes the track as “predominantly about our fascination and consumption in relation to self-image, and acknowledging the strain of that.”

Score: Wow! Here comes a smoking cannonball that will shoot toxic vanity and its destroying effects into the stratosphere. Expect a boiling and angry wallop, a terrifying punk smack in the face of the world’s deceptive vainglory as we know it. The kamikaze like attack starts from the get-go with a high-powered disturbance fed by crushing guitars, hammering drums/bass dynamite and enraged vocals that go totally insane and try to blow up your speakers with a riotous chorus. One spin and you will be out of breath!

SHEAFS: Facebook

Debut EP VOX POP out next month via Blood Records