SHEER MAG – Philly’s Pop-Punk Dropouts Return With Infectious Single ‘ALL LINED UP’

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4 Augustus 2023


Philly‘s punk-pop-rock droputs SHEER MAG fronted
by sassy voice Tina Halladay are back in town.

After hitting the scene back in 2014 they shook the indie world with
two notable LPs. Need To Feel For You (2017) and A Distant Call.

It’s one of those bands you’re waiting for to return.

Which they do now with new vintage SM single ALL LINED UP.

“The genesis of ‘All Lined Up’ stems from late nights at the bar playing pool. Last call
has long come and gone, the gate is down, the ashtrays are out and your friend behind
the bar is giving it all away. Despite the revelry, there’s a looming sense of dread — a fear
that no matter how far ahead you get, all it takes is one bad shot to lose the game.”

Sheer Mag do what they do best again, embedding infectious pop melodies into
a guitar-riff groove while the drum takes care of the foot-stompin’ beat. And of
course there’s Tina Halladay reaching for the roof now and then with her vivid vox,
backed by the guys chanting forth and back. Let’s hope All Lined Up is the harbinger
for album number 3.




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SHEER MAG – Philadelphia Rockers Share New Track ‘CRUSHED VELVET’

New sonic impulses…

17 January 2021

Philadelphia squad SHEER MAG, led by tense roarer Tina Halladay, hit the scene
with a big punk-rock bang 7 years ago. So far they came up with two cooking LPs.
A Distant Call
(2019) and Need To Feel Your Love (2017).

Their first 2021 music is a new classic-guitar-rock stroke called CRUSHED VELVET
for upcoming movie – out on Hulu tomorrow – The Ultimate Playlist Of Noise.

Go for it, Tina

SHEER MAG: Facebook

Philadelphia Rockers SHEER MAG Release New Cut From Sophomore LP – Here’s ‘HARDLY TO BLAME’…

Brand new sonic impulses

22 July 2019

After 3 excellent EPs and their forceful and hearty 2017 debut LP ‘Need To Feel Your
Philadelphia underground rockers SHEER MAG hit the scene with a robust bang. They’re ready now to unleash sophomore LP, called ‘A DISTANT CALL’, next month.

After sharing lead single ‘Blood From A Stone’ last month they just dropped another
new cut. ‘HARDLY TOO BLAME’ gives us a glimpse at someone who thinks they’ve hit bedrock, unaware that the bottom is about to drop out.” It’s a mighty catchy power stroke. Both energetic and sensitive. Dynamic top stuff. Capture the sprightly avidity here in the Jonathan Arturo-directed music video…

SHEER MAG: Facebook

New album A DISTANT CALL out 23 August – all details here

(photo on top: FB Sheer Mag)