THE POP GROUP – 40th Anniversary Reissue Of Their Gloriously Chaotic Debut Album ‘Y’ Coming…

19 July 2019

THE POP GROUP, the legendary avant-garde funk punks out of Bristol released their turbulent, gloriously chaotic and freakishly intriguing debut LP ‘Y’ back in 1979, the
year punk was over and made way for a new experimental sonic creativity, lyrically
and musically, with anything-is-possible bands such as this compelling one led by
MARK STEWART, co-founder and one of the last original, uncompromising frontmen
and daring underground artists on this planet.

Assisted by a likewise minded group of incredibly inventive and venturesome musicians The Pop Group ‘s first longplayer wasn’t an easy-listening record, but one that revealed its wayward layers with every spin and still is a mind-expanding-and-exploring trip to hear on your trembling headphones 40 years later.

The great news is that on 1st November a 40th Anniversary Reissue will hit the streets via Mute Records. Check all details and special content of this Definitive Edition right here.

Ahead of it you can already move in mysterious ways to the remastered version of the band’s signature top track off the LP. Here’s ‘SHE IS BEYOND GOOD AND EVIL‘…

And while you here check THE POP GROUP‘s truly amazing comeback albums:

TODAY’S YESTERDAY ALBUM – ‘Y’ – Willful And Eccentric Debut By THE POP GROUP…

Remarkable albums from the past

The Pop Group

Released: 20 April 1979
Debut longplayer

PITCHFORK wrote: “Unlike most of the late-’70s no-wave types (and perennial imitators),
The Pop Group were less concerned with eschewing convention than with vehemently eviscerating it. Listen to how they tear apart a boxy, reverb-laden surf riff on “We Are Time”
with Dadaist malice and contempt. It’s impossible to ignore Mark Stewart’s incessant Thatcher-bashing, but ‘Y’ is so convincing in its hectoring that one can easily imagine it arising from even more amicable circumstances. This is a record of dire necessity, armed for combat against a long litany of ills—none more than typicality.”
Ranked at number 35 on Picthfork’s greatest albums of the 1970s

TURN UP THE VOLUME says: To my ears, ‘Y’ sounded at first, both confusing and fascinating, like cricket, an intriguing sports game of which I still don’t know the rules,
until I found out that this band/album had no rules at all. While the ‘famous’ punk bands became greedy money sharks The Pop Group made the most brain-cracking, the most willful and most cutting middle-finger LP of that tremendous era.

TWO TOP TRACKS: She’s Beyond Good and Evil / We Are Time

* She’s Beyond Good And Evil

* We Are Time

Y in full

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