Los Angeles’ Indie Rock Duo SHIPS HAVE SAILED Makes You Feel Hopeful With New Rhapsodic Anthem ‘RISE’…

New sonic impulses

26 April 2020

SHIPS HAVE SAILED is an indie rock duo out of Los Angeles, the brainchild of vocalist/guitarist Will Carpenter. They just released new ardent single RISE.

A solid gold banger with an anthemic chorus you can’t simply resist to sing along with at the top of your lungs. Its inspiring and hopeful lyrics is what we all need right now, right here, in these surreal lockdown days. This powerful and encouraging slam dunk makes your heart beat faster and comforts your confused soul. Music is the dope, music is the cure, music is magic! Press play, turn up the decibels, open your windows and doors, and let your neighbors rise with you.

Stay safe and scream out loud…

You Gotta Rise Up
A Heart Like A Champion
Sing It Like An Anthem

Full lyric video here…

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L.A. Pop Duo ‘SHIPS HAVE SAILED’ Knows There’s Always Someone Who Cares – Here’s New Single ‘STAY’…

Daily fuel to load your sonic batteries…

26 June 2019


Los Angeles pop tandem SHIPS HAVE SAILED share their common appetite for writing appealing songs with a balance between exuberant pop and substantial alternative rock since 2013.

After a series of singles and a couple of EPs the pair is back now with a homage to a special person. ‘STAY‘ is a grateful ode to “that one person who you know you can count on no matter what”. I sure hope that all of us have someone to fall back on in troubled times and for whom this tender humdinger will be a wholehearted invitation to stay.

Feel the love right here…