Iceland’s Dreamers SIGUR ROS Have Their New Synth Symphonic Opus ‘ÁTTA’ Out

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17 June 2023

Iceland’s dream pop heroes Sigur Rós premiered a new track
named Blóðberg a week ago and said a new LP would follow
some time soon.

But yesterday out of the blue and out of the Icelandic
sky landed the new 10-track album ÁTTA.

NME:”ÁTTA’ is at least the band’s best album since 2005’s monolithic ‘Takk’ made them a household name, and at most a record that gives Sigur Rós plenty more reason to exist in adding some pure and natural soul to this cold and unfeeling world.” Score: 4/5.

TUTV: Pure Sigur Rós synth symphonies. Melodramatic, orchestral, theatrical and at times bombastic. Átta is another surreal soundtrack for day-and-night dreamers who love to get lost in their own bubble, far away from the noisy and stressing reality. Like you and me.

Single/video: Blóðberg

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SIGUR ROS – New Single, New Album, New Tour

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13 June 2023

Iceland’s dream pop heroes Sigur Rós start a world tour at the end of the week backed
by a 41-piece orchestra. I wonder how many tour buses, hotels, food & drinks do you need for such a big group of people and how do you organize it all, every single night.

Anyway, the band announced recently, that a new
album is coming very soon, but no details so far.

What we get now is the first single, titled Blóðberg. Their first new music
since 2016. Also the first track since keyboardist Kjartan Sveinsson returned.

The 7.16-minute composition features
the London Contemporary Orchestra,
conducted by Robert Ames.

Blóðberg is a vintage SR symphony. Spacey, ghostly and near-silent.

The accompanying cinematic video clip feels eerie. It’s like you float up
in the air above a mysterious wasteland and in the end over a sort of
macabre dump. Scary and enigmatic if you ask me.


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