Speed Dating With Los Angeles’ Rock Turbo MOON FEVER And Their Blustery ‘SINGLE ALL SUMMER’

Daily electricity to load your batteries

16 August 2021

Who: High-powered 4-piece rock unit out of Los Angeles,
influenced by the great stadium bands of past generations,
with a current, modern vibe.


Turn Up The Volume: My oh my. The energy! The intensity! The vibrancy!
It’s as if mega arena-rock titans Kiss, or Van Halen or Aerosmith burst out of
your trembling speakers. Expect a gigantic-wall-of-towering-decibels sound
with mad frontman Jasper, going out of his adrenalized mind.

This is bombastic rock ‘n roll to go totally bananas to. Wham bloody hell wham
bam! There’s a lot of dating going on here, but if you ask me, there’s also a lot of
speed involved. Get the picture? Okay, clear your room, start a one-man moshpit,
and have a feverish blast.

Cody Jasper (vocalist) about the accompanying video clip: “We literally shot the whole
thing in 3 hours. We called up a bunch of our friends, bought a bunch of corn dogs, and
had a great time making a music video!”

Start the fire…

MOON FEVER: Facebook

Speed daters (photo by Cory Ingram)