Blink And Sum Turbulence – Debut Single ‘SIT DOWN’ By ENDLESS SEASON

13 July 2020


Who: Fresh pop-punk project started this year by singer/songwriter Anthony Fish
when he began working on finishing some unused song ideas. From these sessions,
the project was born with the aim of fusing together catchy hooks, memorable riffs
and relatable lyrics to engage the listener.

Track: SIT DOWN – debut single

Score: Combine Sum 41 and Blink 1982, add a spark of Weezer on tons of speed and the cooking result is Endless Season going supersonic from the kick-off and never looking back. Play this very loud in the morning and you’ll jump out of your bed instantly and go totally berserk. Alert your neighbors before you press play. Oh yeah this impetuous missile will make you dizzy the way you like it. Zippy swipe!

Start the engine…


‘GOLD MOTHER’ – Third Album By British Pop Legends JAMES Turns 30 Today…

4 June 2020

Band: JAMES (Manchester UK)
Album: GOLD MOTHER – the band’s third LP
Released: 4 June 1990 – 30 years ago today
Score: #5 on NME’s end- of- the-year list

BBC Music wrote: “It’s often savage, sometimes bitter, and always
loaded with ideas. Yet its overall effect is uplifting, even euphoric, and
for all its weight, it flies, light as a feather.”

Key tracks: Come Home / Sit Down



JAMES: Facebook – All Albums

JAMES Released Their Supreme Single ‘SIT DOWN’ 30 Years Ago…

Knockouts from the past

10 June 2019

Today 30 years ago, on 10 June 1989, Manchester’s tip-top popsters JAMES
released their splendid signature single SIT DOWN . It peaked at a poor #77
on the UK Singles Chart, but when the cracker was re-issued in March 1991
it went to #2. The song was launched a third time in 1998 remixed by electro act
Apollo 440. The lyrics reflected a homage to author Doris Lessing and Patti Smith.

Here’s the original version and the accompanying video clip…

JAMES: Facebook