HAPPY 75 To The Living Country And Rock Legend NEIL YOUNG!

12 November 2020

NEIL PERCIVAL YOUNG was born on 12 November 1945 in Toronto, Canada.

Happy 75 to a living legend with the rock ‘n’ roll heart of a young gunslinger.
He released about a thousand albums since 1963. He worked solo, he regularly
recorded with his electrifying pals Crazy Horse and played a couple of years,
a long time ago, with three other memorable voices, Crosby Stills & Nash
and with Buffalo Springfield.

And he’s not finished yet. His Archives seem to be inexhaustible. And if it wasn’t
for the nasty pandemic, he was definitely on a stage somewhere on the planet.

And of course, here at Turn Up The Volume‘s home, it’s also a Neil Young Day.
With three of my favorite albums: Tonight’s The Night (1975), On The Beach (1974)
and Sleeps With Angels (1994)…



NEIL YOUNG: Bio – Discography

NEIL YOUNG – 25 Years Ago His ‘SLEEPS WITH ANGELS’ Album Came Out…

15 August 2019

25 years ago, on 16 August 1994, living legend NEIL YOUNG released his 20th album ‘SLEEPS WITH ANGELS’. Although it was never officially confirmed we can assume that
the LP’s title referred to Kurt Cobain who committed suicide in April of the same year.
It was Young‘s seventh collaboration with Crazy Horse. An emotional, downhearted and gloomy longplayer, except for fierce rocker ‘Piece Of Crap‘, bringing his darker self like he exposed on his 1975 masterwork¬†Tonight’s The Night back to mind again.

ALL MUSIC wrote: “The album thus has a tired, mournful feel that is both compelling and off-putting. Young had not investigated such forbidding territory since the days of ‘Tonight’s The Night’ and ‘On the Beach’, and ‘Sleeps With Angels’ is on a par with those often harrowing works.” Full review here.

Three highlights…




Album in full…

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