Sharp-Teethed Florida Punks DEBT NEGLECTOR Clash And Slash On Their New Album ‘DIRTY WATER’

13 November 2021

Who: Formed in 2016, these Florida punks have spent
the last 5 years honing a sound that showcases their
ability to blend catchy hooks with a vicious attitude.
So far they unleased one album and two EPs. Check
their Bandcamp page.

References: NOFX, Rancid, The Clash, Green Day

New album: DIRTY WATER
Released: 5 November 2021 via Smartpunk Records

Band: “We wanted to really push the envelope of who we were as a band with
this release. We tried to make our catchy songs catchier, fast songs faster, and
generally focused more on the musical dynamics of what we were writing. Lyrically,
half the time it’s still me yelling about how fucked up the world is, but the other half
of the songs ended up touching on much more personal topics. There’s songs about
battling depression, fear, loss, and anxiety and I tried really hard not to mince words
about any of it.”

Turn Up The Volume: Rowdy. Speedy. Biting. Burning. Clashing. Trashing.
Ridiculously sticky. These are the loud and clear keywords for this in your
face record. No brakes, no pauses, no recuperation time for these punks.

14 uppercuts, 14 slam dunks going high-speed like hot rods out of control.
Debt Neglector curse all political hypocrites and all damaging injustices but
also have attention for psychological issues that still don’t get the much
needed attentiveness.

These are caring motherrockers and they deliver a sharp-teethed soundtrack
to make you jump around like a kangaroo punk. Hell bloody hell yeah!

Video clip for the title track…

Stream/buy full album here on Bandcamp…


All proceeds from sales of this album and its songs
will be split evenly between Flint Kids Fund (
and Sylvester Broome Empowerment Village (

Debt Neglector is:
Zach Anderson – Drums
Matt Burns – Guitar/Vocals
Alex Goldfarb – Vocals/Bass
Chris Pfister – Guitar/Vocals