Smells Like Your Own Summer – Rowdy Philly Rockers Cover NIRVANA And DEFTONES

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6 May 2022

Rowdy Philly rockers RID OF ME unleashed
two bold covers of two grunge giants.

The first one is their mind-blowing and thunderous take on
Deftones‘ riff-insane 1997 smack My Own Summer (Shove It).

Bang your head here…

The Deftones original…


The second cover is Rid Of Me‘s wailing guitars interpretation
of Nirvana‘s timeless blockbuster Smells Like Teen Spirit

Smell here…

I guess you heard the original before…

RID OF ME: Facebook

Mission accomplished, have a drink, guys

(photo press – FB Rid Of Me)

NIRVANA Shot That Famous ‘SMELLS LIKE TEEN SPIRIT’ Video 30 Years Ago Today

Clips that impress your ears and eyes

17 August 2021

Grunge icons NIRVANA shot the video clip for their global breakthrough blockbuster SMELLS LIKE TEEN SPIRIT at GMT Studios in Culver City, California on 17 August 1991,
30 years ago today. It costed less than $50,000 to make. All the youngsters going wild in the clip were Nirvana fans. The video won Nirvana the Best New Artist and Best Alternative Group awards at the 1992 MTV Video Music Award.

Number of views at the moment of writing this: 1.326.343.410.

Smells like a mega-massive video hit…

NIRVANA: Website

SCREAMING FEMALES Cover NIRVANA With Some Rowdy Firepower…

2 January 2019

Firm underground rockers SCREAMING FEMALES from New Brunswick, New Jersey started their noisy career back in 2005. Led by their energetic frontwoman and guitarist Marissa Paternoster the band released seven longplayers so far. At their New Year’s Eve show at Chicago’s Beat Kitchen last Monday the impetuous threesome fired up the crowd with two highly charged covers – ‘Smells Like Teen Spirit’ and ‘Breed’ – of iconic grunge legends NIRVANA played one after the other without interruption and with some mighty crude spunk and rowdy firepower.

Catch the heat right here…