DEAP VALLY – Smile More To The Bone…


Hammering Californian duo DEAP VALLY came back this year with a big bang and Femijism, their overall smoking successor to 2013 devilish debut album Sistrionix.
Ass-kicking single SMILE MORE , released last June, made my head moving in four directions but this stripped to the bone live rendition performed for British music magazine NME is another must-hear experience. A different drive and a different
feel than on record. A bare blues injection. Lindsey Troy (guitarist/singer) and Julie
(drummer/singer) are two of a very special kind. Going their own way
while doing it their own noisy way. This honest outburst electrifies your senses…

New album FEMIJISM was released last September. Explore it here on iTunes 


“I don’t wanna be a reflection, I don’t need your direction…” (Amsterdam, 26th September)

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DEAP VALLY – Crushing New Single ‘Smile More’…


Female garage rock duo DEAP VALLY are finally back. They release their sophomore album FEMEJISM produced by Yeah Yeah Yeahs‘ sonic maestro Nick Zinner on 16th September. The first single SMILE MORE is described by the rousing Californian duo
as a ‘fuck you anthem’ and sounds as a damn bloody one. ‘I am not ashamed of my mental state/ And I am not ashamed of my body weight’ spits angry frontwoman Lindsey Troy while strengthening her I don’t care what you think rant with a smoking blues groove assisted
by drummer Julie Edwards‘ hammering force. Honest feminist dynamite! An outspoken barbed wire manifesto! Hail hail…


(photo Turn Up The Volume!)

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Artwork new album FEMEJISM

Loud and clear in Brussels (2013)