2 July 2021

Here come 5 new firecrackers to fuel your weekend…

‘Lipstick’ by NOTHINGHEADS (London, UK)

Kamikaze guitars à la Link Wray and Dick Dale, Ramones sniffin’ glue again, and devilish
Lux Interior howls. Yes, it’s psycho-surf-billy time, folks. Get your leather jacket out of the closet and pretend you’re a member of Black Rebel Motorcycle Club. This is the first single off their upcoming EP ‘Machine in the Monkey’.

Press play right here…

‘Sad But True’ (Metallica song) by ST. VINCENT (Tulsa, US)

Metallica sounding sexy, sultry, and snappy? Like the late great funk genius
Prince? Yes, it happens right here, thanks to disco queen St. Vincent.

Wham bam…

‘Lineage’ by SMOKE (Holland)

Louisiana Swamp Blues sultriness from… The Netherlands. No frontiers when it comes
to stirring up the steam, turning up the heat, and pumping up the decibels. This red-hot ripper is about “brotherhood and supporting your friends and family during hard times.”

All together now…

‘Ladylike (Don’t Hold Her Back)’ by CUBS REFRAIN (Toronto, CA)

Band member Erin Roblin reflects on her experiences with society’s expectations of her as a woman, including the fight for control of her own choices in her life and career. It’s 2021 and women still have to suffer from external pressure. Incredible. Therefore, encouraging earworms like these are always welcome for everybody – regardless the gender – who struggles with being pushed for the wrong reasons by the wrong people. Ladylike is a frisky and sprightly humanlike booster. Get up, stand up and fight for your right to be who you are.

Jive to the beat…

‘Glide’ by THE DAILY SPREADSHEETS (Divinópolis, Minas Gerais)

Brazilian singer/songwriter Henrique Neves is the man behind The Daily Spreadsheets.
Riff-roaring rock ‘n’ roll streams through his sonic veins for years now. On Glide he lets
The Beach Boys sound like if they were a speed-up garage band. Good vibrations indeed.

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Heart-To-Heart Jewel – Here’s ‘SMOKE’ By EASTER ISLAND

Reveries for the laziest day of the week

25 October 2020


Who: Dream pop combo from Athens, GA
with members in various cities around the country.

Track: SMOKE – from the band’s sophomore album, out December 11.

Score: Sit down, relax, close your eyes, and dream away to this heart-to-heart
ballad. Starry-eyed vocals, glimmering guitar lines à la Interpol and a moody War
On Drugs
feel transfers you to la-la land. Ravishing and bonny euphony. A sweet
sonic jewel.

We run a race to find out, fuck the prince and shout loud
There’s smoke in your clothes, and change in your bed,
and I’m wide awake now
You know what’s in my mind
You know what’s in my mind

The video highlights Athens during the era of social distancing

You can also stream/buy here…


(promo photo via Noisy Ghost PR)